Ever heard of a “Squat Toilet?”


We’ve spent a lot of time out and about the past few days.

Friday we went on the Benvenuti Tour (talk about a LONG day!) First stop was the Gorgazzo Spring, which are artesian springs in Italy that are located approximately 50 meters above sea level near the village of Polcenigo. After a quick trip at the springs we stopped by the Porcia Market which was filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, clothes and more. Each village has a market day, ours will be Wednesday in Cordignano. Bobby and I decided to go in a local Osteria for a quick coffee and snack. Now let me ask you, have you ever heard of a Turkish Toilet? I hadn’t, and I HAD to use the bathroom…I walk in to the “Toilette” and this is what I see (Not exact picture, I found this one online) Image

Yes, that is a toilet IN the floor that you “squat” to use..It’s safe to say, I didn’t use the restroom at this Osteria. These are actually very common and while I am sure at some point while living here I will have to “brave” one, but until I am in dyer need, it’s not going to happen!

After this we headed off to Pordenone square, luckily the local bar here had a ‘regular’ sit down toilet! We walked through the town center and visited St. Mark’s Cathedral. We then went to Pasticceria Peratoner (A Chocolate shop) for a tasting…DELISH! After trying white chocolates, milk chocolates, dark chocolates and meringues, we boarded the train to Sacile. Walked around for a few and then got back on the bus for lunch time! We had a 4 course meal at Ristorante Cial De Brent in Polcenigo, and ended the day at the Podere Gelisis Antonion winery where we ended up bringing 4 bottles of wine home!

I have uploaded pictures of our day on my photobucket account.

Click here to view them:

Yesterday we decided to make the trek up the Mountain to Piancavallo. Talk about some snow!


It was beautiful, and basically our back yard. The base of the mountain is located right behind the Air Base.

Click here to view more pics of Piancovallo:


Last night was our first “dinner outing” alone and it was a success. We drove to downtown Aviano and decided to have dinner at the infamous BEFeDs. The place was packed (with both Italians and Americans), we actually ran into our new landlords there! They are a Brew Pub known for their Chicken plate with fries and “special sauce.” Now, I know what you are thinking, “what could be so great about a Chicken plate in Italy?”… Let me tell you, they serve you a half of a roasted Chicken that has been smoked and full of spices, with a side of crispy fries and the sauce we’ve decided is a seasoned mayonnaise. Whoever thought the only things Italians ate was Pasta and Bread was VERY wrong, this was seriously some of the best roasted Chicken I have ever had. If you come to visit us, we will take you there, but make sure you use the restroom before we head out, unless you are ready to tackle a Turkish Toilet!

They have two beers, a Rosso (A darker/red beer) and a Bionda (A light/blonde beer). You can actually purchase a beer growler from them and every time you come in you can have it refilled to take home a liter or two of beer with you.


Since today is Sunday most places here are closed, we are going to take advantage of the “day of rest.”

Until next time… xox

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One Response to Ever heard of a “Squat Toilet?”

  1. Jamie says:

    Mike says that they have those Toilets in Japan too lol. I am not sure that I would have been able to go either! It looks like you guys are getting around. I love the blog and miss you lots xoxo

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