Rain, Rain…GO AWAY!

I bet you were thinking the newness of this blog has already worn off…wrong! The 10 day forecast for Italy has been rain/clouds/rain/clouds and so on, so we have not ventured out to do anything exciting since my last post. We had plans to go to Venice last weekend but you guessed it, RAIN! Who wants to go to a city that floods when its raining? Not this girl.. my cute monogrammed rain boots haven’t made it overseas yet!

We have tried two other restaurants in the area. One was in Aviano called the “Western House,” they had the typical Italian pastas and pizza alongside burgers and hot dogs! I took a different route and ordered a burger (who can mess up a beef patty on a bun?), it wasn’t too shabby but definitely not my beloved Snoopy’s or Cook-Out! We also tried a German place in Cordenons called Biergenel (aka “Beer Angel”) Check out the overload of MEAT….



I’m not sure if I have explained the whole “market” idea here in Italy, if I have, skip this part! 

Every town has a market day each week. For example, on Tuesday it is Market day for Aviano. The market has anything from roasted chicken and stinky cheese to lemon trees, and tulips. They also have clothes, shoes, purses, home goods and more…So this past Tuesday I went out with a few girls that have lived here for quite a while, so I could learn the ropes. We started the morning off at Stradella’s Pasticceria and Gelateria for Cappuccino’s and pastries. While us Americans were sitting there sipping on our Coffee the Italian men sitting at the counter were opening a bottle of wine to start off their day! Now I love wine, but I am not so sure I could ever get use to starting off my morning with a glass of Moscato in hand. Afterwards we decided to walk the streets at the square to see what the Market this week had to offer….Rows and rows of vendors lined the streets with fresh fruit and veggies, bouquets of flowers, leather hand bags… and you guessed it, cute Italian clothes!! I bought my first “Made in Italy” outfit. A dress, a cardigan to go over the dress (just in case I happen to wear it on a day we are touring a church) and a matching scarf, all for 33 Euro (Roughly $42). I have a feeling I am going to become very familiar with the weekly markets in neighboring towns. 

Clothes at the market might be cheap, but gas sure isn’t!….Bobby and I also stopped to fill up the FJ this week. I am still amazed that come sunset the gas stations here close. The gas stations also do not have convenience stores, instead they sell tires and snow chains…if you want to stop for a quick soda and a bag of chips you have to look for a “Snack Bar.” Anywho, here they measure gas in Liters…now my car was not completely on empty but it was getting there. It took 55 liters to fill up, totaling 101 euro…in other words it cost $131 to ALMOST fill up my car. That is over $8 for a gallon of gas (now do you want to complain when gas prices spike past $3.20/gal)… thank goodness the Military allows us to buy Nato gas coupons each month so we don’t break the bank buying gas here. 

Today we also decided to explore our neighboring town (Pordenone) We walked around the mall (Hey, the have H&M!) and then roamed the aisles of an Italian grocery store called Interspar. Now if you know me, going to the grocery store for me is like walking into a clothing boutique, I LOVE to grocery shop. Right off I noticed that Americans are missing out! I could not get over all of the fresh meat and seafood and varieties of cheese, bread and pastries that overflowed the aisles. I told Bobby once we officially move into our new house I want to shop on the economy, who cares if we can’t read the labels…that’s what iTranslate is for! Here is a picture of our first purchase at an Italian grocery store:



Yep, Limoncello and Aperol (Aperol Spritz is a very common drink pre-dinner drink in Northern Italy, it consists of Aperol, Prosecco, and Tonic Water) and Spega Yogurt… The first time I ever had Spega yogurt was when I lived in California and Trader Joe’s would import it..a few years ago they stopped carrying it and I often found myself online looking for retails…lucky for me now we live where it is manufactured.  

On another note, everything has been finalized with our new home, we are just waiting for the electricity to be turned on…. We requested it on the 11th, but it’s Italian time we are talking about here….so it is not scheduled to be turned on until the 22nd! 

..Oh joy, another week in temporary lodging.

Ciao Ciao!! 

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One Response to Rain, Rain…GO AWAY!

  1. Belinda says:

    Love the blog! I feel like I am visiting Italy every time I read it. You are doing an awesome job describing your adventures. Barbara had told me about the Turkish toilets when they lived in turkey but I didn’t expect that. Im not quite sure what I expected. I am so glad you are enjoying Italy. I was worried about you going so far away. Keep the blog going, if I don’t make it to visit at least I will fee like I did. 😃 We miss you!
    Love Aunt Belinda

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