Home Sweet Home? ….not QUITE yet!

We have officially moved in to our house!! … our stuff still hasn’t arrived from the states, so it’s pretty bare, but luckily our wonderful landlords brought some of their furniture over for us to use in the meantime. Night one wasn’t too shabby, I did wake up bright and early to birds chirping, but I guess that really isn’t something to complain about, huh?

I took this picture yesterday in our parking lot…. is it obvious we are the Americans in the neighborhood?


The weather has still been mostly rainy and/or cloudy here, we have had a couple of sunny days where we were able to venture out….Before I get started let me just put it out there for those of you coming to visit… Ya know the saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” Well apparently my husband thinks “When in Italy, drive as the Italians drive” He scares the crap out of me!! The roads here tend to get narrow, they are very curvy and SLICK! The asphalt is made out of something completely different than in the US…needless to say I do a lot of gasping and stomping on my pretend passenger side brake! At first I was weary of driving here because Italians do speed and there are cyclists EVERY WHERE. (for example, just going from our house to Aviano today…about a 20 minute drive, I counted 20 cyclists on the road before I decided to stop counting) but now I am counting down the days until Bobby’s car arrives so I can drive myself around! 

So anyways, last Saturday we woke up early and drove to Pordenone for their Saturday market. We stopped in a local Osteria for a morning pastry and cappuccinos. Pictured below. 


While we are sitting there I look over and see THIS!!


Yep, its a dog..oh a leash..inside. Now I know before I mentioned the dog at the table at dinner but he was small..this was a good size dog inside the Osteria and no one seemed to look twice. I can only wonder what the reaction would be if I walked in with Baleigh! 

…Here is a picture of the delicious looking sandwiches at the Osteria as well as the adorable carousel in the middle of the town! 




On Saturday evening we went back to San Giorgio’s (Spaghetti House) for one of Bobby’s friends birthdays (Dan…they worked together in Korea) We were actually able to go back in the kitchen and make our own pizzas. Bobby got a little happy with the sauce and cheese so his was a bit on the mushy size, but according to him, it was still good! How many people can say “Yeah I’ve made my own pizza in the kitchen, at a restaurant, IN Italy!” ….We Can 🙂 


Aside from that our week was pretty slow. We were just counting down the days until we moved out of lodging. Yesterday when we moved in we got a sweet surprise from our landlords…they had bought us a true Italian coffee maker and apparently the “best” coffee around. Every time we have gone over to their house they have made us coffee and we’ve raved about it, we are truly lucky to have found such wonderful landlords over here. Here is a picture of what the coffee cups you use for our new coffee maker look like compared to a “regular” size coffee cup… It’s safe to say you won’t fill up on coffee if we make you some! And a picture of the awesome little coffee maker. 





Last night we were pretty exhausted from moving just the little bit we had so we decided to trek into town for some Pizza…now mind you, the further you are from base, the less likely people speak English so we were sitting on our phones translating certain phrases before we ever left to go get food! I ordered the Prosciutto e Funghi (Ham and Mushroom) and Bobby ordered the Otto Gusti (Eight Flavors- which were: Mozzarella, Tomato, Ham, artichoke, peppers, zucchini, asparagus, salami, hot dogs, and olives) It’s so strange to me how they group the toppings on certain pizzas. I’m sure by now you’ve caught on that all of the pizzas here are “personal size” however to me, it’s enough pizza for two. 


Again this morning we got up early and made our way to Spilimbergo for the Easter Market. There were dozens of local artists and food vendors (Sadly, I didn’t buy anything) by the time we were done walking the square we decided to head into Aviano for lunch where we had Paninos and our first Gelato in Italy!! Bobby had the vaniglia (vanilla) and I had the Nutella! MmM MmM. 



My fingers and toes are crossed for a beautiful semi-warm, sunny Saturday coming up so we can FINALLY take the train to Venice!! 

Until next time…Ciao!

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