Boxes, Boxes, EVERYWHERE!!!!

I was really hoping my next post would be about some amazing adventure we’ve been on with lots of cool pictures consisting of beautiful architecture and other unique oddities… unfortunately, that won’t be the case. If it does not stop raining here I may just get fat from all of the food we’ve been eating. This was not suppose to be a food blog, but given the past and present pictures, it’s beginning to look a lot like one. Last weekend we decided to try another well known restaurant, called Casa Bianca. Hands down, it is my favorite Italian ristorante thus far. (The price tag was also a bit heftier than the already expensive cuisine here) We started off with the infamous carafe of Prosecco. The carafe’s came in 3 different sizes, we ordered the middle one which ended up being 5 glasses of wine for a whopping total of 6 euro! That converts to $1.55 a glass…you won’t find that in America! We both ordered the Isalata mista (Mixed Salad), now if you love your creamy fattening dressings, do not come here and order a salad because all you will get is oil and vinegar for your dressing (which I personally love). For my entree I ordered the “Gamberetti” which was penne pasta with garlic, parsley, and a tomato AND cream sauce topped with shrimp. Hands down, the best pasta dish I’ve had since we got here. Now, for those of you who think Bobby eats like a bird, come to Italy and eat out with him. On top of his salad he ordered the “Quatro Formaggi” which is a penne pasta plate with four cheeses AND a filet mignon. Here is look at both of our meals…



We ended the night with tiramisu (it seems to be Bobby’s favorite) and the traditional Italian Easter Cake called “Colomba.” It is a cake with fresh candied orange, topped with almonds and pearl sugar…These cakes are usually baked in the shape of a Dove. This particular restaurant put their own spin on it by drizzling icing over top. DELISH! I’m already looking forward to next Easter so I can have another piece (Or a whole cake!).


Speaking of Easter… as we were eating our Easter dinner last Sunday it dawned on me that this was the very first Easter Bobby and I have spent together… he has always been in another State (or Country) during the months of March and April. (Insert goofy smiles and “awing” here)

This week has been hectic, but in a good way. Our home goods arrived two weeks early!! WOO! However I am overwhelmed with the overflow of boxes. We had to mark off each box as they unloaded the THREE trucks in front of our house…we had over 200 boxes to account for. Boy, how did we accumulate so much stuff?! (The scary part is that I had 90% of our “home goods”before I ever met Bobby!) I promise to post pictures once we get everything in it’s place. As of today the only room that is 100% unpacked and decorated is the kitchen. Our living room and bedroom is a close second and third. With our last two moves I had everything unpacked and ready to go within a week, however being here we are encountering a few problems, such as lack of storage space. I may never understand why Italians do not have closets or cabinets! I am having to get creative with putting away linens and towels. I have also had to repack 6 boxes of kitchen stuff due to lack of space. (And the one thing I liked about this house was that is had more kitchen cabinets than any other house we looked at)

Last night we went out to dinner with some new friends Athena, Rob and their daughter Jasmine. The restaurant is called “Chick A Boom” and they are known for their whole rotisserie chickens and their “Kilo Burger” which is the obvious, a burger that has 2.2 pounds of meat on it (and costs almost 18 euro!) I didn’t dare attempt the Kilo burger but I did get the “Cheese” (a classic cheeseburger) and it was massive. This picture doesn’t do it justice… Bobby kept laughing every time I took a bite because I was having such a hard time! (That is also a “side of fries”) Another successful dinner!


I have to say I am a bit jealous when I look at the forecast here compared to “back home” Our highs are only reaching mid 50’s and low 60’s for the week, whereas I see Raleigh will be peaking in the low 80’s. Marika (our landlord) did tell me today that this is unusual for Italy, it is typically a lot warmer during this time of the year. I am happy to report my Apple and Pear trees are blossoming in the back yard. I cannot wait to have free fruit!! I also want to plant a lemon tree and possibly one other fruit tree of some sort. Boy, Baleigh would have a field day with those trees…she loves apples!

Presley is adjusting well… he has become quite the dare devil going up and down our stairs. I have a mild heart attack each time…his legs are just too short, but he keeps on trucking! Yesterday I let him outside and left door open for him, only for him to start growling and run back in the house with this look like “Mom you have to see this”..he then proceeds to run back outside, so I go to the door to see why he is acting like a crazy pup and I see him RUNNING across our yard barking, while chasing a CAT!! Needles to say Presley showed it who was King of the yard and the cat ran off! Silly cat, he was twice the size of Pres Man!!

The ten day forecast is looking promising so hopefully we will be able to get out and do something next weekend (and I can post pictures of something other than food).  As most of you know it is Bobby’s birthday on Saturday. Originally we had plans to take a boat tour on Croatia’s coast, however we both decided it would be a little too chilly. Hopefully we will be able to take a day trip somewhere nearby. I do have plans to chaperone an elementary school field trip to Venice on the 18th, which I am very excited about. Not only will I finally get to see Venice but I am hoping to get in good with the school on base by volunteering, I hear the pay for substituting is quite nice 🙂

I guess for now I should get back to unpacking!! But before I do, here is a picture of the FJ in the parking lot of a sporting goods store. I have tried to explain to several family members how some of the parking lots here are not just asphalt…I think the picture gives a better explanation!


Ciao Ciao!

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One Response to Boxes, Boxes, EVERYWHERE!!!!

  1. Marsha says:

    Of course I can’t wait to see the house all done but I really enjoy seeing all the food pics! So keep em coming! I miss you guys more than you will ever know! Ti amo!!!

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