Hello my wonderful readers! It has been some time since I have posted…the weather has finally turned around so we have actually been able to get out and do a few things here and there. During the week mine and Presley’s favorite thing to do while Bobby is at work is to sit on our balcony and read. I cannot get enough of being outside!

Last weekend was Bobby’s Birthday (the big 2-8) and we got together with some (new) friends for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse in Pordenone called Boi Gordos. If you have ever been to Brasa in Raleigh, it is the same concept. They have an appetizer and side dish bar that you can go up to as many times as you want. However, that typically gets looked over due to the abundance of meat they bring out (almost too often) on large skewers. I believe it is 20 or so different cuts of meat, including filet mignon, lamb and chicken heart. Yum Yum! We ate ourselves silly. Bobby says “you get the meat sweats” from eating so much beef, pork, chicken etc in one sitting. After dinner we went to a town called Sacile (about 10-12 minutes from our house) and had drinks outside in the square at a bar called Sfriso Cafe. I learned something new (and disgusting in my opinion) If you have ever heard of the liquor Sambuca, here in Italy they take Sambuca shots and chase them by chewing on coffee beans.. Of course I tried it, but next time I’ll pass when offered! Overall it was a great night celebrating his birthday Italian style.


Click here to see more pictures from Bobby’s Birthday

I ended up not going on the Venice field trip this past week. It’s a boring story that I won’t get in to. However, we did finally get to take our first day trip yesterday. We went to Trieste, which was only an hour and a half drive from our house. It is a city in northeastern Italy, lying between the Adriatic sea and the border of Slovenia. The waterfront was beautiful, looking in to the gulf of Trieste, and the “city” felt similar to New York with building after building that you couldn’t see over or in between. I do have to say the sight seeing was amazing but driving was a complete nightmare. We quickly learned that if the train can take us to where we want to go, it is worth walking around all day to see the sights.

We started our day off at Miramare Castle, or Castello di Miramare. It was built in 1856 for Archduke Ferdinand Maximillian and his wife, Charlotte. I felt much like I was back at home touring the Biltmore while walking through the castle. While beautiful on the inside, the outside view was breathtaking. The castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the gulf of Trieste, and is partially surrounded by a park called Parco di Miramre, which consists of 54 acres full of tropical flowers and greenery.


After touring the castle we made our way up through the hillside in hopes of going in to one of the tallest lighthouses in the world, Faro della Vittoria, also known as Victory Lighthouse. This lighthouse stands at 223 feet and was built in 1927. Unfortunately parking in Italy is a daunting task and after circling numerous streets multiple times we gave up. I was only able to get pictures at a distance while riding in the car. I’m sure my feet were thanking me for not making the trek up 285 steps.

We then made our way back to the waterfront where we (finally) found a parking spot and was able to walk to the Square in Trieste. Also known as Piazza UnitĂ  d’Italia, it is said to be Europe’s largest square located next to the sea. During our walk we were able to see the Canal Grande di Trieste (Photo below), the Municipal building and various shops.


We ended our day trip with yet another successful trip to the Gelato shop where I had cioccolato (chocolate) and Bobby had Tiramisu.

I have many more pictures from the day that you can see by clicking here

I have also created an album of just randomness throughout our days here in Italy- you can see those by clicking here

On another note, the house is unpacked and put away. We are waiting on a rug and desk that we have ordered for the living room as well as a few other odds and ends. Once the house is 100% the way we want it, I promise to post pictures (or video!)


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One Response to Trieste

  1. Marsha says:

    These pictures are spectaculiar! Only thing is you two need to stop being so camera shy! I want to see more of these beautiful landscapes pics with you two in them! I miss your faces!!! Love love love the blog!

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