I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day!

Look at me posting twice in one week!

Well I must say, the Bazaar was a success! Such a success that I was surprised when Bobby brought up going back on Saturday. I thought I had already done enough damage to his wallet on Friday! We ended up with several bottles of vino from all around Europe, Belgium Chocolates, Carnevale masks, hand carved goodies, Italian beer, and polish ceramics among other things. We even managed to buy several birthday AND Christmas gifts!! Little did we know, another Bazaar comes in the Fall… I’m already excited!!

After our second trip to the Bazaar on Saturday we decided to take a trip to Barcis. This is a very small village nestled in the Alps roughly 19 miles from base…That’s practically our backyard!! The commune overlooks the shores of Lago di Barcis (Lake Barcis). Lake Barcis is a man made lake with teal blue waters and a breathtaking view. We took Mountain highway which was most definitely the route to go. If you get car sick you better pack your Dramamine, the roads are windy and we drove through some of the longest tunnels in Italy! One of the tunnels we drove through was so narrow, it had a stop light because two cars couldn’t pass one another once inside of it. Despite the clouds rolling in, it was a beautiful day. We plan on going back to kayak this summer.


Click here for more pictures from Barcis


We ended our Saturday outing by trying out another German restaurant (I am SICK of meat after that meal!)


Bobby and Rob both had 18 year old Whiskey and Rum at the Whiskey bar in the German restaurant. I hope it was everything they wanted it to be and more for 6 euro glass ($7.87) which was MAYBE a shot worth of alcohol…

Followed by a quick trip to yet another Gelato shop. (This one was in Sacile)…When I first tried the Nutella Gelato in Aviano I thought “It can’t get any better than this” but then I tried the Banana Gelato by our house in Cordignano, which had real pieces of Banana in it and again I thought “THIS is the best!” until last night…Me and Bobby both got the Cocco (Coconut) Gelato which had real shreds of coconut, and by far it is my favorite!

We called it a night sitting in the square of Sacile as Sfriso sipping on drinks with new friends.

I’ve also added a few more pictures to my Italia collection…

Check ’em out here


AND, last but not least I’ve decided to break out my Flip mini HD recorder and video riding around Italy since pictures do not always do it justice… so here is the link to my youtube page. Some parts of the videos are boring (feel free to fast forward) but I didn’t want to stop and start the camera a million times….check back from time to time, I’m still in the process of uploading some of the longer videos!



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