Sun, Sand and Speedos!

Finalmente, Una giornata bella di Italia!! (Finally, a beautiful day in Italy) Hallelujah! Summer is less than two weeks away and we are just now seeing Spring-like weather in Northeastern Italy…Hey, I’ll take what I can get! 

Since Bobby finally had a whole weekend OFF for the first time in a month (even though he was “on call”) we decided to go to the beach this past Saturday. I love how we have mountains practically in our back yard and the beach is only 45 miles away! Location- Location-Location!! After a very easy drive, and only 1.80 euro in toll fees, we were parking at Caorle Beach. 

A little geography lesson: Caorle is a coastal town in the province of Venice, situated on the Adriatic Sea. 

I was skeptical at first since I had read (and heard) that the beaches in Northern Italy were “ugly” and “dirty”….you have to go to the South or Western part of the Country for those picture perfect beaches with the waves crashing against the cliffs… but in all honesty, it wasn’t that bad. Yes the sand is darker, so you burn your feet just walking from your “stuff” to the water, and yes there are rows after rows after rows of umbrellas and beach chairs, which make it crowded, but I didn’t think it was “dirty” like most say….of course, it wasn’t my beloved Topsail Island either. Then again, I may be partial considering I’ve spent the last 13+ summers at TI and call it my “other home.”

When we first got there we had no idea where to put our stuff down…weird huh? You’d think being on the beach you can just plop right down on a vacant area of sand, but that is not the case in Italy. The hotels (and there are A LOT of them) have countless rows of lounge chairs and umbrellas that you can rent out for days or weeks at a time. There are even signs that tell you it is prohibited to lay your own towel down to sunbathe… but apparently the Italians are “rebels” because numerous people were parallel with the shore line laying out on their own towels and chairs… so we just moseyed on up with the rest of them and did it too!…hey, When in Italy 🙂 Our mentality was “Well if they tell us to move, they have to tell dozens of others too” 


The one thing I really liked about this particular beach was that there was not any waves! It was fabulous! I could take my camera out in the water with me and snap pictures looking back at the sand without worrying I might be swept under by a massive wave. The other cool thing about this beach was that you could walk forever out in the water and it was only waste deep….I’d say it’s a great place to take your kids…and for Italians I am sure it is ,but man is our culture way different. Aside from the men in speedos and the topless women, I was extremely disturbed by the fact that elementary aged girls did not wear bathing suit tops, only bikini bottoms. Yes I get that these young little girls do not have anything “to show” but in my head all I could think was “do these people not believe in Pedophiles?” I have heard over and over that Italy is a safe place but come on folks, there are some sickos in this world… I would never be comfortable with my little girl running around topless on a public beach. Some might say, well what is the difference in them doing it when the adult women do too, and I understand it is their culture, but it still made me very uncomfortable. I almost felt like I couldn’t take pictures for fear of someone thinking I was snapping a photo of a little girl topless. (Luckily I don’t think I got the front side of any kids in my pictures)…we even saw one little girl, maybe 4 years old, running around completely naked on the beach!

Aside from some of the “sights” (Bobby got to see some boobies that were at least 60 years old, te he he) The day was absolutely beautiful and after only 3 hours out in the sun, I was burnt! We had a going away party to go to that evening so we couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked- there were tons of little shops and restaurants lining the streets… I am looking forward to going back and walking through the town!  

 To see more beach photos click here:

I’ve also added a few more photos to the Italia album:




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One Response to Sun, Sand and Speedos!

  1. Sally B Russell says:

    Oh My Goodness! Its time for me to go to Italy, gotta work on my Bucket List. Just got this far printing your Blog today. Its wonderful. Just wish I could print those pictures in color but I don’t want them to fade. I like your pictures on the Photobucket. Maybe i will learn how to put them on a disc. You can send me the instructions. Thanks, Love You, Granny

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