A little bit of this and a little bit of that!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated this lovely little blog, but in all honesty I don’t really have anything juicy or entertaining to tell. Since my last update we drove up to Lignano to the Parco Zoo Punta Verde with some friends and spent a HOT afternoon “oohing” and “ahhing” over the animals. I’m like a kid when it comes to the zoo, especially the monkeys. I could sit all day watching them. (Maybe we relate on some subconscious level?) The zoo was fairly small, which was nice because you were in a closer proximity to the animals and it was easier for the kids we had with us to walk around. Two things I learned at the zoo 1. Italians must love birds- I’d say a good 50% of the animals were some type of bird species. 2. Italians seriously drink anywhere, anytime. The Zoo had a full bar at the entrance as well as a smaller bar serving select liquors, wines and beers at the cafe in the middle of the park. We had pizza for lunch and it was the first time here that I can honestly say “I didn’t like it.” Think of school cafeteria pizza, then downgrade it by about 5. Definitely not too appetizing.

We were within 5 miles of the coast from the Zoo so we decided to check out another beach. (Lignano Sabbiadoro) It was basically the same as Caorle with rows after rows of beach chairs and umbrellas, however this particular beach had a larger open area where it was actually permitted to put your own towels and chairs down for a little sunbathing. I definitely think Lignano will be our “go to” spot from now on. As I stated in my last post, the beaches in the Northern part of Italy are considered the “ugly” beaches, and after speaking with my landlord Marika yesterday she too confirmed this statement. She said if we want to see any of the pretty picturesque beaches it would be more of a weekend trip rather than a day trip.

Click here for Zoo photos:


Bobby has officially worked 5 out of 6 weekends now so we haven’t been able to venture off too far. I will really be glad when his schedule changes up a bit.

We were able to go out to dinner in Sacile at a restaurant called Cellini’s Friday night, which is on the river front. The food was great, the atmosphere was beautiful but man it was hot!! Italy went from cold and rainy to hot and sunny in the blink of an eye. As Americans, we have become very accustomed (and spoiled) to central Air Conditioning. So the past few weeks Bobby and I have been practically sweating our butts off in our own home. We have two wall A/C units. One in the living room, which does the job and cools the room off quickly and one upstairs which was placed in the most ridiculous spot ever….the hallway, facing the staircase leading downstairs… so you can imagine what our bedroom feels like at the end of the hall…we have THREE standing floor fans blowing at all times towards the bed and I am in the process of obtaining three more from a family that is PCSing here in the next couple of weeks. After sweating inside at Cellini’s I am assuming the restaurants work the same way, no a/c and if so- it’s not in a central location worth having. In the States you freeze to death sitting as a restaurant during the summer, here it looks like you have to wear as little as possible to be even remotely comfortable.


I’ve added some pictures from our night out in Sacile to the Viva Italia album:


After Bobby got off work yesterday we attended our friend Kory’s 26th birthday party which was themed “White Trash Bash.” Now, no one get offended, it’s all for fun! We had a great time with some amazing new friends. Image

Check out a few photos from the night here:


Next weekend we are planning to take a day trip to Aqualandia with Kory and his wife Bree on Kory’s actual birthday. (Assuming Mr. Avery is off of work during the day for once) Aqualandia is the #1 water park in Italy, and has the largest water slide in the world. I looked it up online and this place is MASSIVE, it isn’t your typical “kid friendly water-park” It has 26 attractions, 6 shows and 5 animation activities… it also has Europe’s highest bungee jumping tower. And yes, we are adrenaline junkies..we plan on Bungee jumping (Surprise Mom!). Hey- if I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane (and more than once!) I can’t pass up bungee jumping in Italy!

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