The Great Outdoors

Well hello there readers,

I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. We’ve just been so caught up in social events as well as our own explorations that I can’t seem to find the time to really sit down and focus on my blog.

Since my last post, we’ve managed to spend a lot of time outdoors. I recently mentioned that we would be taking a trip to Aqualandia, and we did just that! Unfortunately we were not able to go on the original date planned, so it ended up just being me and Bobby for the day. (So, no bungee jumping…Mom you can breathe a sigh of relief) Now, I can’t remember the last time I went to a water park. I had to be in elementary school, and Bobby has never been, so we both were pretty excited for this day trip.

Aqualandia is really more than a water park, it’s like a theme park. There are 26 attractions, 7 shows and 4 animations activities throughout the park. One of the main attractions is the world’s highest water slide…yep let me repeat that…WORLD’S HIGHEST water slide. The “spacemaker” is 42 meters in height, along a 60 degree slope. You ride on an inflatable raft and reach speeds up to 100 km/h. Now, want me to put that in American conversions? The water slide is 137.79 feet tall and you accelerate at a speed of 62.13 miles per hour as you go down! Talk about a thrill…and you better believe me and Bobby did it!

Here is a picture of the slide. I wish I had taken a video of someone going down, just to show you how intense (and fast) it truly is. You feel like you are going to go airborne right off of the slide. (It is the one on the right)


The weather was water park perfect! Here are some other pictures from the day.

Last weekend we discovered a little gem called Tramonti di Sopra. For the town to only be 47 square miles, it sure packs in an abundance of beauty. We spent the day with friends hanging out in the creeks along the mountainside. Now I am sure you are thinking, creeks? Really Tiffany…that’s what little boys play in on Saturday afternoons… so instead of me even remotely trying to describe where we were…I’ll show you.


Creeks..which turn in to larger bodies of water, and include waterfalls! How gorgeous is that? Unfortunately I learned a hard lesson… if you hear that there will be cliffs to jump from, that means it is rocky…and if it is rocky you probably need shoes you are willing to get wet. I didn’t think it through and ended up having to walk around barefoot all day, walking and climbing up rocks. Mission this week, acquire water shoes!

Here are some more pictures from Tramonti

Bobby preplanned a little better than I did and hooked his GoPro camera up to a broomstick (hey, ya gotta do, what ya gotta do!) so he could take video in the water for all to see. Here is the video where you can watch him Cliff jump off the side of the waterfall.

We also went hiking in the Dolomites last weekend. (I told you, we’ve spent a lot of time out doors) Again, it was another day full of ROCKS, and uphill trekking! Talk about a great workout, I am still sore two days later. These mountains are right behind our house, so we are planning to make trips like this a habit.

To see pictures from our hiking adventure, click here

On another completely unrelated note, have you ever heard of Challenge coins? It is a coin (or medallion) given in the military that bears the organizations insignia (for example a squadron’s mascot). These coins are given by unit commanders in recognition of special achievement. Welllllllll… many of you know I have befriended an extremely talented girl named Bree here at Aviano who has her own baking business, and she has asked me to help her from time to time as her “associate” at certain military (and civilian functions). About a month ago I attended a 603rd Air Control Squadron formal dinner. Unfortunately the 603rd is closing here at Aviano and the commander wanted to have a special night for the squadron and their spouses. Bree was asked to make two cakes for this event, and I was her right hand (wo)man in doing so. We were honored to be able to attend such an event and serve some outstanding military members….fast forward to last week and Bree comes up to me all excited telling me she has something special. She hands me a letter signed by the COMMANDER thanking us for what we did, and to show his appreciation he “coined” us! In other words, I received my first coin from a military commander!! Bobby was surprised to say the least. He said he has never personally known of a civilian to be coined by a commander.

Here is it! How cool!!



These next couple of months are going to be full of adventures. My Birthday is this Friday and we have plans with all of our amazing new friends. Not that I need to be reminded of just how close I am to 30! We also have plans in the works to go to Cinque Terre for Labor Day weekend, which also happens to be our 2 year wedding anniversary (Awwwww) and just two short weeks later Alexis will be flying in for more Italian adventures, including Florence and Pisa!

I can’t even begin to explain how blessed I feel.

Hugs & Kisses,


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