Where has the time gone?

One year ago today Bobby and I boarded a plane destined for Northern Italy, not knowing what was in store for us… In 365 days I have established lifelong friendships, traveled through a handful of countries (including Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria), and eaten some of the most amazing foods in the world. I have broadened my wine palate and no longer look like the “typical American” who orders Moscato, a desert wine, WITH my meal (although it is still my favorite wine), and have learned which appliances can be on at the same time in our European home without the main breaker tripping! I have tried gelato ranging from Tiramisu to lemon, and had countless bowls of pasta. I now crave Melon WITH prosciutto on top, and feel it is a necessity to have oil and vinegar with my dinner bread.  

While I am still not where I want to be with narrowing the language barrier, I am still learning new words and phrases on a daily basis and hope that by the end of our tour here I can fluently speak the language. 

We have traveled most of the main points in Northern Italy, and this year plan to work our way further down South. Our main trip here in the next few months will be to Rome, which we are both looking forward to. We are also planning to venture out of the Country some more and have our sights on London, England and Paris, France. 

Presley has also become quite the world traveler; we take him as many places as possible. Thankfully Italy is one Country that treats their dogs as good as their children. I’d give anything to have Baleigh Skye here with us, but I am not so sure how they’d react to a 200 pound Great Dane sitting at the dinner table in a restaurant, in comparison to a 5 pound Chihuahua! 

Unfortunately Bobby is still in Portugal, so to celebrate our one year “Italy Anniversary” I acted in true Italian fashion…I met up with my girl friends at the winery and knocked back a few glasses before noon! I love how you can walk in anywhere, anytime, and people have wine glasses in their hands, no judgement! 

Life in Europe is definitely an adjustment, but I feel truly blessed that we were given this opportunity. How many people can get out of bed in the morning and say “Hey, lets take the train to Venice for lunch today!”…WE CAN!

I’m looking forward to what the next two years has in store for us….!! More family and friends visiting??…HINT HINT!!! 


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One Response to Where has the time gone?

  1. Sheila Eason says:

    Marsha and I are really looking forward to our visit in May! Can’t hardly wait!

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