A degree in Gelato, who knew?

As a military spouse in Italy, job opportunities are a rare occurrence. While we are here on visas, they are not for work. Therefore, we are limited to base available jobs; which tend to fall into the hands of more Italians than Americans. So, one question I’ve asked myself many times since moving here has been “what can I do to make my resume look good for the next three years?” I’m sure my future employer would not be impressed by “Winery hopping and sight seeing in Italy.” Although it sounds like the best job in the world to me!

With that being said, these past few months I’ve began dabbling in a few things here and there. I’ve started volunteering once a week at the Aviano Air Base Thrift Store. I’m sure you’re saying “really Tiff, once a week is all?” but, in my defense it’s only open two days out of the week! Also, regardless of lack of experience I am now the Secretary of Girl Scouts for the Overseas Committee Management Team,  Grandma, are you proud? Maybe you can teach me a thing or two. I also recently have become a hospitality co-chair, working alongside my wonderful friend Tresca, for the Aviano Community of Enlisted Spouses; also known as ACES. ACES is a non-profit private organization promoted to community relations, support and social interaction. In other words, “Spouses helping Spouses.” 

This past Saturday I attended my first “Community Trip.” About 20 of us boarded a bus bright and early and headed 2 hours South for Bologna. Our first stop was Gelato University. Founded by ice cream machine maker, Carpigiani in 2003, the University offers over 500 courses, available for beginners and experts. These courses teach anything from how to make the Gelato, to how to start up a business plan. We started with an interactive tour that highlights the evolution of Gelato, followed by an Instructor from the University teaching us how to turn fresh fruit into gelato that can be made at home. Ending with of course a tasting of several different gelato flavors. I just had to try the cheesecake and snickers! I definitely want to go back to the University and take other day courses (some last weeks, even months) that are more hands on. 

Afterwards, we ventured into the heart of the city. Bologna is known for its culinary arts. For lunch, I had the world renowned Tagliatelle al ragu, a traditional type of flat ribbon pasta with (Bolognese) meat sauce. We also went to the Piazza Maggiore, where we saw the San Petronio Basilica and the City Hall. A little fact, the San Petronio Basilica is one of the world’s largest churches. As well as the Due Torri, “Two Towers” both of which lean dramatically. 

One afternoon in the city was not enough, the streets are filled with a shopping lovers dream. This will not be the last time I visit Bologna- Hopefully Bobby will get to go on the next trip! 

Here are my pictures from the trip:


Bobby’s Mother and Aunt will be here in two weeks, and we have a full itinerary. Check back for more updates and pictures! 

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