I think we are trying to see how many places we can visit before the end of the year!

Wow we’ve been traveling so much, I have flat out forgot about updating my blog. Is it really November already?…and half way through the month at that! Where did this year go?

Shortly after my last post, Bobby and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in Pula Croatia. Pula is located at the Southern Tip of the Istria Peninsula, known for it’s winemaking, fishing and shipbuilding. We stayed in a 4 star resort, just steps away from the beach- where we enjoyed drinks by the pool and a couple’s massage in the resorts Wellness Spa. The food was delicious and the weather was amazing during our weekend anniversary getaway. At this rate I am curious to see where we end up on our 10th and 20th Anniversaries, each one tends to top the last!

Check out our anniversary pictures here:


Shortly after our return from Croatia I decided to fly back to the States for a little family time. I was missing Presley more than you could imagine and I knew the one thing I needed was a hug from our 208 pound Great Dane… yes, 208 POUNDS (she was weighed at the vet during my visit home). It was a short, last minute trip so I did not “visit” with many people other than family. It was much needed and I am beyond thankful for being able to take the military hop back and fourth for such needed trips.

Immediately after returning from the states, Bobby wanted to “leave the Country” for a little time off-  so what else do you do at the end of September/beginning of October when you are a 6 hour drive from Munich Germany?… You go to Oktoberfest, of course!!! Even though I don’t personally drink beer I was 100% up for the trip!! How many people can say they’ve been to the REAL Oktoberfest in Germany?…well now we can! Imagine the State Fair…. now add several more thousands of people to the crowd that are all drunk- and you have Oktoberfest! It was beer tent, after beer tent- and when I say “tent” it is not a big white tent like you see at Wedding Receptions, these were massive decorated buildings with people shoulder to shoulder inside, and lined up outside waiting to consume liters of German’s finest beers! They had food stands and rides… and A LOT of emergency personnel. I cannot tell you how many people we saw being carried off in stretchers due to the over consumption of alcohol. We stayed at a very nice Bed and Breakfast that was just a short train ride from all of the festivities… and boy can German’s “do” breakfast!! It was worth every penny of our stay!

Check out pictures from our Oktoberfest trip here:


Not two weeks after being back from my Stateside trip (and just days after getting back from Germany) Mom and Grandma flew to Italy!! I had been counting down the days for months! We packed a lot in to their two and a half week stay. Verona, Trieste, Venice, Rome, Barcis, Florence, Pisa, Nove, Marostica, Veneto, Villach Austria, and several surrounding towns. These two were real troopers- I was worn out from all of the travel long before they were. I’m pretty sure Mom and Grandma drank more wine in those two and a half weeks, than they have in the last several years combined! We made trips to the market, local pastry shops and cafes. We had lunch in a Castle, ate our weight in Gelato, and trekked through the Roman Coliseum. Their time here was not long enough, I was trying to convince Mom to book another trip before she even left Italy!


See all of the pictures from their trip here:


Once I finally stopped pouting over the fact that they had left, Bobby and I began to start planning out the rest of our year. This past weekend we spent 12 hours on a Wine Tour. Can you imagine? Starting at 8:30 in the morning and ending at 8:30 at night. If you so dare chose to drink every wine (and grappa!) offered, by the end of the day you would have consumed 14 glasses of wine and 7 shots of grappa! Second were offered- so truthfully many people probably had more than that! Now if you’ve been to a wine tasting in Italy, you know the Italians are a little more grateful when it comes to the “tasting”- each one is equivalent to 1 glass of wine, so it’s not just a small sip! Needless to say we had some drunk folks on the bus at the end of the evening! Me personally, I like to enjoy what I am drinking (and eating!) so I paced myself and turned down a few of the tastings. After all, I wanted to remember my day! I have not yet uploaded those pictures to my computer, once I do I will post them to the blog.

Up next… Christmas Markets in Salzburg Austria, Dinner in Paris- IN the Eiffel Tower, and a trip back to the States to see Family for Christmas! Which we already have many many small trips planned during that time….Including VEGAS! This year has truly been a year of travel! Looking forward to what 2015 will bring.

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