Thanksgiving in Paris

Bonjour! We just spent our Thanksgiving holiday in Paris! ….But before I fill you in on all of those details, let me back up a little…

Here are the pictures as promised in the last post from our all day Wine Tasting in Italia two weeks ago

One thing I really wanted to do while in Europe was to experience at least one of their infamous Christmas Markets, so the weekend before our Paris trip, we decided to make the drive to Salzburg, Austria for their “Christkindl Markt.” Even after two years of living in Europe, it still blows my mind that within a couple of hours of driving you can be in a completely different Country…Something else that still blows my mind, gas prices! Enjoy your under $3 a gallon (for those of you living “back home”) We put in 51 liters (13 gallons) of gas in the FJ while in Austria and paid 80 euro ($100)- making it $7.60 per gallon of gas… And that price has gone down DOWN since we first moved overseas! I have to keep telling myself, the experience and travel makes it all worth while- even if our wallets are becoming thinner and thinner!

The Christmas Market was everything that I expected it to be. It is one of the largest attractions during the Advent season, dating as far back as the 15th century. There are 95 exhibitors which include: food, crafts, toys, jewelry, and of course tons and tons of Christmas Ornaments! The market is spread out at the foot of the Hohensalzburg Fortress, sparkling with more Christmas lights than you can imagine. While we did not buy any gifts (big surprise, huh?) we did spend quite a bit of money on chocolate and banana “pretzels,” fried apple rings, and hot White Russians, among other goodies. Needless to say we practically had to roll ourselves back to the hotel room when the day was done.

You can see pictures from our Salzburg Adventure here:

Now… for the main reason I am blogging today… PARIS! Can I just say, I have a new obsession with the EIffel Tower. I have been wanting to go to Paris since I was 18- now, I can’t believe I’ve actually been! Our first day in France was on Thanksgiving day…so what do you do on Thanksgiving in Paris? You have dinner IN the Eiffel Tower, of course. Sure, dinner cost more than our plane tickets to get there, but it was worth it for the experience. We were greeted with a champagne toast, feasted on Lobster Bisque and Ox Cheek (It is better than it sounds) and ended our meal with two very scrumptious chocolate desserts. My feet were killing me from walking a ridiculous distance in 4″ heels, but seeing the lights on the tower- and actually getting to go up and walk around in it made the pain ease (for the moment at least). I probably took 100 pictures of the Tower during our 4 day stay…but no worries, I did not post all of them! The rest of our trip consisted of A  LOT of walking… to Notre Dame, to the Louvre, to Arc de Triomphe, through Tuileries Gardens, along the River, and of course down Champs Elysees Avenue. We also stumbled upon their Christmas Market, where we feasted on Macaroons, Hun Dogs, Pork Knuckle and Potatoes and of course Champagne. Aside from the Tower, I really enjoyed the Catacombs…I have to be honest, I did not know anything about this Ossuary prior to our trip. The easiest way to put it, is that it is a massive underground cemetery…. where all of the bones and skulls are layered up in plain view…no coffins for these remains. The Catacombs are 65 feet (130 steps) below street level, and consists of a mile long tunnel underground.. Built in the 18th Century, over 6 million Parisians remains were stacked after cemeteries began to run out of space. Due to improper burial techniques, leading to contamination and disease, the bodies were removed and placed in this quarry.

You can see pictures of the Catacombs, as well as the rest of our Paris trip here:

….Nothing like getting back, unpacking and repacking to head out again. See you Stateside!!!

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